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Why Direct Placement

Why a Recruiting Firm?

Experience dictates that the top talent an organization is looking for usually isn’t actively looking for a job opportunity, or more importantly, is not really that excited just because they received an email from one of the career sites telling them there’s a potential match based on their resume.  Furthermore, the reality is, many of the resumes we obtain from our costly search efforts aren't even looking for a job as they already accepted something weeks or months ago and just didn't pull their resume down off of the site.  That top talent does however want to be enticed by a recruiter who has their best interest at heart and the contacts to strategically get them the best job opportunity by sheer motivation. 

So, you're saying; that’s what we are doing, right?? Or, are you confirming that you are interviewing the best from those who are actively seeking employment at the moment you put the requisition out for responses? Just remember, there is a big difference between this type of active recruiting & relying on a Direct Placement recruiter. 

So, what are the facts:

The real facts are, over 80% of the working population is currently looking for another job, and most will tell you that if the right job comes up, they are out of here!! Now, let’s think about that for a second; if the right opportunity comes up…? The truth is, with many of the top organizations heading towards some type of a contingent workforce model, and the number of potential candidates who are using recruiting agencies to find their next opportunity is growing by leaps & bounds.  The result of this is a large number of the best qualified top-talented candidates aren’t seeing your ads. They are instead, waiting for someone (generally a recruiting firm with a multitude of client options) to reach out to them as most organizations neither have the recruiting staff or time to proactively perform these duties which is dramatically limiting the top-talent they are actually recruiting for their open positions.   

By focusing on what recruiters call the passive candidate which is by far the most effective recruitment method, a good recruiter can stay ahead of their client’s need by having a relationship with a pipeline of candidates ready & waiting for the right opportunity.  As a matter of fact, a good recruiter can keep a top-talent passive candidate ready & waiting for months which means they are not looking at your organization's postings.

Although there’s many good reasons for keeping a few recruiting firms on the hook for those difficult & time-consuming requisitions, there is that pesky fee we need to look at.  Yep, the negotiated rate when measured to a single human is astronomical!! However, if one would also look at the long-term return on investment, including staff salary, the financial investment for advertising and hiring the right person for the job from the entire talent pool instead of just from those who responded to the advertised job description, it all of a sudden doesn’t seem so monumental.  

So why Direct Placement?

What happened to traditional staffing? Well, nothing. Direct Placement is a great tool if you are looking to fill an opportunity within the organization that is a continual need.  By bringing the person into the organization right from the start, you have an employee, not a contingent worker who will most certainly still be looking for a permanent home.  Bringing them on allows them to feel they have a home with your organization right from the start & not the possibility of working towards a full-time relationship sometime in the future, or then again, maybe not.   

There Is however one additional financial benefit your organization will gain from a Direct Placement relationship with a recruiting firm over an hourly staffing engagement, all of the federal & state tax incentives are filed for and collected by your organization.; not the staffing agency (please see the tax credit tab for more information).

Finally, one might ask what to do with the staff they have on hand if they are not recruiting? Well, they recruit for the less time consuming needs of the organization, train the new staff, or better yet, keep the top-talent recruiting firms in line.  As the economy grows at a rate that exceeds the current workforce, there’s room for everyone.    

What about turnover?

We have all heard the saying that anyone could lie to anyone for 30 days, and after being in the business for almost 20 years, I will agree with that statement.  So, what if the hiring decision was a mistake, or the candidate doesn't like what they see once they are on your payroll? Well, if the agency you are working with stands behind their placement, the guarantee will cover such a mistake for up to 90 days.  But, if there's no agency involved, you're back to square 1.  

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